Antioch is an online cooperative interactive fiction game for smartphone/tablet.
Release date :
early 2017
Platform :
PC & Android
Studio :
Mi Clos Studio
Website :


Set in the middle of the 80’s, two detectives are investigating on a mysterious crime in the dark city of Antioch. In this asynchronous interactive fiction, each player will play one of the two cops who will have to work together to solve the case. Or completely ruin it!


Created by Mi Clos Studio

Michael Peiffert founded Mi Clos Studio in 2010. Fibre Tigre has been writing interactive fiction for 12 years. Michael and Fibre Tigre met, and since they both loved sci-fi, they agreed to work together on Out There. They are now collaborating with Midnight Mood Studio. They worked on Out There Chronicles wich was released in early July and Antioch, an online cooperative interactive fiction game.


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